Work Camp 10029 GW

Location: Weidmannsdorf (Klagenfurt)

Type of work: Cheese factory & Engineering firm (1941), Roadwork, Canal work (1942)

Man of Confidence: Sergeant Major Allan Stockfeld (1941), Sgt Stuart Stubbings (1942)

Number of men: 206 (1941), 230 (1942)


Plan of the Camp
Empire Games, 1944
May Fair
Air Raid; February, 1945
Red Cross Report
Liberation, April/May 1945

Known to be present

David Adams Dvr   4746 New Zealand
Robert Ernest Adams Pte 18 Inf. Tng. Bn. 3701 Australia
Herbert John Adcock Pte 2/6 Inf. Bn. 3045 Australia
Andy Anderson        
Snow Bailey        
Bill Baillie       Theatre
R. (Bob) Bartlett Pte   4375 New Zealand
T.B. Bassett Tpr RAC 5942  
Robert John Duncan (Bob) Behan Pte 2/2/Inf. Bn. 3790 Australia; also 11041/GW
R. Bell        
James Berry Dvr RASC 2492 also 7010/GW?
Al Bevis Dvr RASC 1347 Theatre; also 11057/GW
Lionel James Bigmore Gnr 2/6 In. Bn. 3808 Australia
Alfred Goulder Bird Spr   4063 New Zealand
Jack Bisset        
Ernest Edward (Ted) Bradburn Pte 1 Cps. Sigs. 3804 Australia
S.L. Bradley Cpl   4246 New Zealand
Lloyd Walter Brittingham A/Sgt 2/8 Inf. Bn. 3771 Australia
A. (Bluey) Brookes        
Charles Alfred Browne Pte   3467 New Zealand
Herbert Bruce Pte 2/2 Inf. Bn. 3397 NSW, Australia
John Burrows        
Kevin Alphonsus Byrne Dvr H.Q. 6 Div AASC 3705 Australia
Bernard Cashmore Dvr RASC 1340 Birmingham
William Edward Cassidy Gnr 3 Lt.A.A.RG. 8171 Australia; also 13048/L
Len Chadwick       Theatre
Len Charters Pte 1 A.C. Pet.   Australia; Theatre
Eddie E. Chatterley Spr RE 2009 Theatre
James Coid Pte RE 1932  
Fred Clifton     3609? Theatre
C.F. (Dixie) Colebrook Dvr RASC 3027 Grimsby
M Collins       Theatre
W. Collins        
Tom Collyer        
Charles Connor        
Gilbert L. Conyard Sgt 2/3 Inf. Bn. 3510 Sydney, Australia
G Cooper       Theatre
L. Copping        
T. Cox        
Clifford Crouch Pte H.Q. 17 Inf. Bde. 3653 Australia
Fred Cusworth Spr RE 5437  
Michael Ralph Cyster (Cister) Galley Boy MV Eleonara Maersk 8207 also 109/L; killed in air-raid 16.1.44
William John Davey Tpr RAC 1382 Somerset, also 13079/L
D. Davies        
John Dawson Dvr RASC 2543  
Thomas (Butch) Day Gnr RA 6737 Theatre
B.J. (Ronnie) De Knock Dvr RASC 3448 London; Theatre
Ralph Dennis       Theatre
A.R.N. (Roy) Dobson Pte 2/7 Inf. Bn. 3628 Victoria, Australia; also 11066/GW
Robert Dickson Douglas Gnr RA 787 Barnsley; also 10030/GW
John (Pop) Dowrick Pte 2/8 Inf. Bn.   Australia
Derrick John Duggan Pte H.Q. Gd. Bn. 3617 Australia
M.D. (Dudley) Duigan       Theatre
Alan Ernest Easson Pte 1 Cps Tp Supp Clmn 4035 Australia; killed in air-raid 19.2.45
Gwylim Edwards        
Bob Elliott        
Les Elliott        
Charles W.L. Endacott Dvr RASC 3092  
Frank Falla Cpl RASC 3136 Transf'd to Stalag 383
K.R. Filmer Pte   134 New Zealand
Edward Firkin Cpl RASC 3534 Transf'd to Stalag 383
Maurice B. Fisher Spr RE 1586 Staffs; also 11030/GW?
Henry Thomas (Froggie) French Pte RAVC 1449 killed air-raid 19.2.45
J.B. (Jack) Fryer Spr   4537 New Zealand; Batman to Capt Munroe
William Jefferson Gilbert Sgmn 1 Cps Sigs 4049 Australia; killed air-raid 19.2.45
J. Gilman Spr RE 2107  
Leslie J.H. Gladwell Pte RASC 2575 killed air-raid 19.2.45
Alan Guthrie Glass Pte RE 3221  
J Gordon       Theatre
Eric Charles Green Gnr 2/1 Fld. Rgt. 3644 Australia; killed air-raid 19.2.45
Taffy Griffiths        
Cam Grinter Cpl 2NZEF 740 Theatre
Steve (Tubby) Haines L/Cpl 2/6 Inf. Bn. 3720 Australia
Stanley Hallas Spr RE 1794 Huddersfield
Edward S.C. Hanger L/Cpl 1 Cps Ptl Pk 3940 Australia
George John Harrington Pte   4026 New Zealand
J. (Shorty) Harvey        
Francis B. Hawkins Pte   4014 New Zealand
Richard G Hersey Spr RE 2164 Aldershot, UK
John Highton Spr RE 1206 possible; died 19.2.45
Reginald Holford Dvr RASC 2296  
John Edgar Holman Pte 2/7 Inf. Bn. 3583 Australia
Gilbert Chandler Hool Pte   4224 New Zealand
Ivor Hudson       Theatre
Robert A. Huxham Pte RAVC 579  
D Jenkins       Theatre
A. Johnson       Edinburgh
W. (Taffy) Jones        
Walter D. Keast Pte 2/6 Inf. Bn. 4028 Australia
W.D. Keith Pte 21 Bn. 54 New Zealand
? Kerr       Theatre
Pat Kershaw       London
Ken Kewell Gnr RA 1630 Theatre
Ivo (Heck) Lanham Pte H.Q. 6 Div. AASC 7105 Australia
Thomas William Laracy Pte H.Q. Gd. Bn. 4001 Australia
Edward A. Law Gnr RA 6831  
Charles H.J. Lawrence Tpr RAC 6047  
Alf Lawton Spr RE 1601 Theatre
Cecil James Leach Pte NZMC 1505 New Zealand
F Lee       Theatre
S.D. Lightfoot Gnr   767 New Zealand
F.L. Linford Dvr RASC 2465  
Ian Hamilton Lipsett Pte 2/8 Inf. Bn. 3634 Australia
Roderick George Lymburn Pte   4236 New Zealand
R. Lynford        
Charlie Macauley Dvr H.Q. 6 Div. AASC 5952 Australia
Harold George 'Winks' Malcolm Pte 2/2 Inf. Bn. 3324 Australia
S.F. Mann Dvr RASC 6891  
R.A. (Dick) Maplesden Gnr RA 5933 Theatre
Eric B. Marland Dvr RASC 3195  
Sydney Percival Martin Pte H.Q. 6 Div. AASC 3650 Australia; died 18.12.44 (air-raid)
C. May        
J.D. McCallum Pte   7656 New Zealand
G. McCann        
Lyle (Mo) McCartney L/Cpl H.Q. 6 Div. AASC 3882 AustraliaTheatre
Ancas R. McDougall Dvr RASC 1730 Theatre
Archie McGechie L/Cpl RASC 7698 Theatre
Ron McGlashan Pte   4179 New Zealand
Frederick Stanley (Snow) McGorrery Pte 2/11 Inf. Bn. 656 Sustralia
Malcolm Newton McInnes Pte H.Q. Gd. Bn. 3904 Australia
A. McKee Gnr RA 5023  
Clyde Vivian McLachan Pte 2/1 M.G. Bn. 5748 Australia
Pat McLean        
Scotty McLeod        
A. McNeill        
H. Merrillees        
Don C. Michie Pte RASC 681  
Ernest Midwood L/Cpl RASC 2436 Theatre
Joe Miller        
M Minarapa Pte   4355 New Zealand; transf'd to Stalag 18C
C. Mitchell        
Harry Mitchell        
J. Montgomery        
Ted Morgan        
C. Morris        
Jack Austen Albert Mudge Pte RASC 2845  
F. Mullins        
Donald Cyril Munns Dvr RASC 2636 Surrey; also 10620/GW, 11027/GW, 27/HV
John Gibson Munroe Capt RAMC 1503 M.O.; also 18A, 95/GW
Fred Murcott Gnr RA 2596  
F. Murray        
H.J. Murray        
C.H.T. Newton T/L/Cpl   1520 New Zealand
John (Jock) Nowell Pte 6 Div. Sigs. 4006 Australia
Thomas Joseph Oldfield Tpr RAC 1665 Barnsley; also 18A; transf'd to Stalag 344
Edward Frank O'Leary Pte 2/2 Inf. Bn. 3379 Australia; Theatre
Frederick Payne Dvr RASC 3249 Biggleswade
D Purves       Theatre
Ron Richards       Theatre
George Richardson Pte 2/11 Inf. Bn. 3695 Australia
Bernard Philip Ryan Pte 2/1 Inf. Bn. 4023 NSW, Australia
Leslie N. Scott Dvr RASC 1581  
Geoffrey B. Skinner L/Bdr RA 3028  
Johnny Slack Spr RE 1724 Theatre
Allan H Stockfeld Sgt Maj 1 HQ Cp. 4070 MOC
 Stuart Stubbings Sgt HQ 6 Div AASC 3872  
John Sunley Pte 22 Bn. 489 New Zealand; also 10049/GW, 299/GW
William Francis Surtees Gnr RA 5186 Capt'd Crete; also 200/GW, 955/GW
J Taylor       Theatre
Thomas H.S. Taylor Gnr RA 5885 Stoke-on-Trent; also 11057/GW, 11066/GW
Basil Gwyn Thomas Tpr RAC 5944  
Allan J. Vaughan Pte 1 Cp. Ptl. Pk. 7119 Australia; also 10084/GW
Arthur Wade       Theatre
Cecil "Charlie" Walsh Dvr 1 Cps. Tp. Sply 4073 Australia; repat'd 1943
P Watson       Theatre
J.B. Wilding Pte Leic. 2836 Wolverhampton
Ron or Ray Williams Pte 1 Cp. Ptl. Pk. 3982 Australia (possible)

Plan of the camp

wc10029gwplan.jpg (81144 bytes) angerer13.jpg (263317 bytes)
Plan (pre-1945) Aerial photo, April 1945

Paul Angerer has sent me an aerial photo of 10029/GW taken in April, 1945. It clearly shows the effects of the misdirected USAF air-raid on the camp in February, 1945. From this photo, I have been able to create a simple map of the camp as it might have looked before the air-raid. After much close examination of many photographs taken inside the camp, I have been able to identify many of the buildings used by the POWs. These buildings have been designated by letters.

A - A small hut in the square where most POW activities took place.
B, D, E, X - the larger barracks which surrounded the square. The football goal stood in front of B. X was destroyed in the air-raid and then rebuilt. D was also destroyed and not rebuilt.
C - Also destroyed and not rebuilt.
H - A small hut seen behind the tennis 'court'.

square01a.jpg (39096 bytes) square02a.jpg (18264 bytes) square15a.jpg (57278 bytes)
square20a.jpg (41566 bytes) square21a.jpg (28543 bytes) square23a.jpg (26102 bytes)
square26a.jpg (51545 bytes) tennis06a.jpg (67877 bytes) tennis02a.jpg (26546 bytes)
  tennis05a.jpg (145310 bytes)  

 The pictures shown below come from Helen Amison whose husband's grandfather, George Amison, was a POW in a nearby camp (11057GW), and also Ian Glass, whose father, Alan Glass, was held in 10029GW. The tennis player on the left in the first picture is probably Alan Glass. (His son Ian is convinced!)

Pam Boundy, daughter of Tpr William John Davey, RAC, has also kindly sent me some photographs to add to the collection. Also Colin Scott, son of Dvr Leslie Scott, RASC, Robert Hanger, son of Ted Hanger, Dave Taylor, whose wife is the niece of Gwylim Edwards, and Wendy Aitkenhead, whose uncle, Jeff Gilbert, was killed in the air-raid.

Note: There is some doubt as to whether all of these photographs relate directly to 10029/GW. Some photographs appear to have been taken at this camp but show groups of POWs associated with nearby, smaller camps. It is possible that groups were brought into 10029/GW for photographs to be taken.

glass11.jpg (686887 bytes) melodymakers.jpg (18400 bytes) boundy07.jpg (46422 bytes)
Tennis Tennis Players Melody Makers Christmas group
boundy03.jpg (66459 bytes) boundy04.jpg (72971 bytes)
Group at tables Potato cart Charlie Macauley group 1 Charlie Macauley group 2
boundy05.jpg (79952 bytes)
Group Steindorf Group Group Group
boundy01.jpg (23446 bytes) alanglass.jpg (80514 bytes)
Charlie Macauley William Davey Alan Glass Gilbert Conyard
Kevin Byrne George Richardson Ron McGlashan Churchill the Camp Dog
Barrack A6 Barrack group Hut group Cookhouse
Kevin Byrne + two     Hut group
aitkenhead01.jpg (130293 bytes)
Whirlwinds, Cup Runners up, 1943 Ted Hanger on left, R. Williams on right Gwylim Edwards group Jeff Gilbert group  
James Berry group James Berry group Basil Thomas group Bernard Cashmore group
 aitkenhead02.jpg (91525 bytes)
Football team Fred Cusworth group 1 Fred Cusworth group 2 Cookhouse 
Archie McGechie group Robert Douglas group Boxing Match Bernard Cashmore group
James Berry group Bill Cassidy group Fred Payne group  

Empire Games, 1944

This seems to have been a major sporting event in which POWs from several neighbouring camps were involved. Not all of the pictures in this section may be from that one event.

glass29sports01.jpg (34554 bytes) glass33sports05.jpg (55152 bytes) glass31sports03.jpg (46300 bytes)
England Team Group Relay Team
race3.jpg (22396 bytes) sport.jpg (21364 bytes) race1.jpg (27961 bytes)
Athletics Athletics Athletics
race2.jpg (26715 bytes) glass30sports02.jpg (34094 bytes) glass32sports04.jpg (52057 bytes)
Relay Team Athletics Athletics
tugofwar.jpg (24595 bytes) glass35sports07.jpg (56297 bytes) glass36sports08.jpg (57306 bytes)
Tug of War Tug of War Tug of War
present3.jpg (19041 bytes)   boundy14.jpg (102886 bytes)
Presentation   Presentation

May Fair

Janet Durbin (niece of Donald Munns, RASC) has sent this set of pictures showing a May Day celebration, possibly 1943.

Alan Glass brought back this rather eerie set of pictures of a Skating competition. 

glass21skate01.jpg (24033 bytes) glass22skate02.jpg (18794 bytes) glass23skate03.jpg (23178 bytes)

Alan Glass also brought back this sequence of pictures of an unknown ceremony from 10029/GW. Padre John Ledgerwood can be identified at the front of the procession in the third picture.

glass16funeral01.jpg (46103 bytes) glass17funeral02.jpg (13120 bytes) glass18funeral03.jpg (12239 bytes)
glass19funeral04.jpg (13584 bytes)   glass19funeral05.jpg (17808 bytes)

From the same ceremony, Paul Angerer has identified that the parade marched along Siebenhugelstrasse. Some of the houses in the background still exist. In the older photo, the camp is on the left.

durbin125.jpg (239751 bytes) angerer14.jpg (67688 bytes)
1943? 2011

Pam Boundy has sent in the following two pictures which appear to show similar ceremonies as those above but, judging by the snow on the ground in the first set of pictures, were not taken at the same time.

boundy08.jpg (51778 bytes) boundy09.jpg (52647 bytes)
Armistice Day, 1942 ANZAC Day, 1943


Both Ian Glass, Colin Scott, David Collard-Berry, Dave Taylor, Bernadette Smith and Alan Willey have sent sets of photographs which show various theatre productions. I'm fairly sure that they come from 10029/GW. It's the only camp in the area big enough to have a theatre company.

Ghost Train


Rookery Nook

Ten Minute Alibi



Unknown Production



Unknown Unknown Flying High Flying High
Arabian Nights Unknown Unknown Unknown
Unknown Unknown Unknown  
Unknown Unknown Unknown Unknown

Air raid: February 1945

The following pictures of the damage caused by the air raid, in which 5 POWs were killed, were supplied by Helen Amison (grandaughter of George Amison, RASC), Ian Glass (son of Alan Glass, RE), Alina McDonald (daughter of Alan Vaughan, AIF) and Janet Durbin (neice of Donald Munns, RASC)

  glass13bomb01.jpg (100768 bytes)
glass14bomb02.jpg (30334 bytes) glass15bomb03.jpg (30275 bytes)

Paul Angerer has sent me a report on the Air Raid completed by the German Authorities.

6th Company                                                                     Tessendorf, February, 20th 1945  
Home Guard’s Battalion 910 Az.: 2/105/45
Subject: air raid on Brit. Work Camp 10029 GW, Waidmannsdorf, February, 19th 1945
Reference: none  
To Police Head Office Klagenfurt   

On February, 19th 1945, Work Camp 10029 GW Waidmannsdorf, demand carrier municipality Klagenfurt, occupied by 295 brit. POW’s and Work Camp 11066 GW Hatheyer, occupied by 13 brit. POW’s, which are accommodated together in Klagenfurt-Waidmannsdorf, were hit by four direct bomb hits during an air raid. In the course of this air raid, Company’s member Schubitz Karl, doing service as a guard, and 3 brit. POW’s were killed (This number should be higher. There are at least 5 POWs in the Graves section who were killed on this day.). Furthermore, 5 brit. POW’s were badly injured and 26 POW’s were lightly injured.    Four barracks were totally destroyed, 2 barracks were half destroyed and the remaining barracks are not habitable any more. Kitchen and theatre hall have been untroubled except some slightly damages. Whether Work Camp 10029 GW will persist or not is depending on provision of new accomodations. As yet, the demand carrier wasn’t able to comment on this subject. Until the problem of habitation is not solved, the POW’s will be accommodated at the Company in the theatre hall in Tessendorf. The KIA’s funeral was initiated by the headquarter’s eldest in Klagenfurt.

   Work Camp 11066 GW soap works Hatheyer, will be, after the demand carrier wasn’t able to create new accommodations, dissolved by Hatheyer’s agreement.     During the same air raid, also the civic dairy plant was hit. In this area, Work Camp 11001 GW, occupied by 27 french POW’s, is located. Because of the air pressure, the accomodation has been made uninhabitable. The POW’s will be, until the accomodations have been rebuilded, divided on french Work Camps. No casualties reported. The Work Camp will persist.  

The Company Commander

Captain R.....?

Original Report

Red Cross Reports

Dates of visit: 26 October 1941 & 12 September 1942

General Description

 (1941) Some of the men in this camp work in a cheese factory and the others in an engineering firm. Most of them work as 'heavy workers' but the work is not stated to be too hard. Their working time is from 7.00 am to 11.30 am and 1.00 pm to 6.00 pm, in all 9.5 hours a day. Most of them have Sundays free and those few of the workers in the cheese factory who work on Sundays have another weekday free.
(1942) The buildings of this Camp are built around a big yard, which is large enough to play football. The buildings are very well built wooden barracks, with rooms for 16 men each. Each man has an iron bed with mattresses and enough blankets. In every room is an iron stove for the winter, also a table and benches. In one of the buildings is a large recreation room with a stage, where shows and concerts are given. Next to this room is the kitchen with quite modern equipment. In the centre of the open space is the wahroom with 40 spigots and cold showers. As no hot showers are to be had we took this matter up with the accompanying officer who promised to get in touch with the employing firm to have hot showers arranged.
The great attraction of this camp is an enormous black dog which the prisoners adopted and baptized "Churchill". The dog is especially popular with the German guards.

Money and Pay

They receive wages of RM 18.20 and are paid once a month.

Interior arrangement

The prisoners are all living together in a camp with wooden barracks. The dormitories are not overcrowded and make a good impression. Most of the men sleep in single-tier beds. There is electric light and the barracks can be heated in winter. Three blankets are provided for each man.

Bathing and washing facilities

There is a special barrack with washing and bathing facilities. Troughs and spigots with running cold water are sufficient in number. Warm showers can be had if the prisoners light a fire to heat the water. There is a good supply of coal. The latrines of the pit type were kept clean

Food and Cooking

In the kitchen barrack is a big dining and recreation room. The kitchen is well equipped with cauldrons and a stove. The food is prepared by some of the prisoners. As 'heavy workers' the prisoners have an additional food ration, but the food is stated to be hardly enough for the work they have to do. The food was otherwise stated to be quite good.

Medical attention and sickness

The camp has a small infirmary with a man belonging to the new Zealand Medical Corps in charge.There were at the time of the visit four patients all suffering from minor industrial accidents. They seemed to be taken good care of. There was a fairly good supply of the necessary drugs.
For dental treatment the men are sent to Stalag. Those who are willing to pay for dental treatment can see the dentist in the city.


(1941) The clothing conditions were not very good. The men had got only one uniform and one set of underwear. Many were stated to have very bad shoes.
(1942) All the men are well dressed. Each man has all the underwaer he needs, also good shoes.


(1941) A canteen had not been started but arrangements had been made to start one as soon as the prisoners had enough money to run it. The German camp leader had in the meantime provided the prisoners with cigarettes at his own cost.
(1942) This camp has a well stocked canteen. All the things which are missing in other places, such as razor blades, etc., can be bought here.

Religious activity

One of the soldiers reads the Catholic Mass and another soldier the Church of England service every Sunday.

Recreation and exercise

(1941) There is plenty of space for sport and exercise inside the fences but so far no sport equipment has been provided. The camp leader promised to do what he could to provide a football and some other sport articles, but stated that it is very hard to get anything in Germany these days. The prisoners were also told that they would be taken for a swim to the nearby river now and then. There is a small garden with flowers and vegetables in which the prisoners may work during their spare time. The Man of Confidence expressed a desire for books, indoor games and especially for musical instruments.
(1942) Ping-pong balls, books and a football are asked for. There are quite a few Scotsmen in this camp and they would greatly appreciate to receive bagpipes is such an instrument is available.


The men have been permitted to write two letters and two post cards monthly so far. No mail has arrived from home as yet, and they had received no Red Cross parcels. (The Man of Confidence at the Stalag is starting to send parcels out to all the Work Camps and the German High Command has been requested to arrange for the British to be able to write the usual two letters and four post cards monthly.

General impression

The Work Camp seems to be very good and the Man of Confidence stated that they had no real complaints to make.

Further Comments

March 1942
Man of Confidence: Sgt Stuart Stubbings, 3872
September 1942
230 POWs
May 1943
280 POWs, 2 tennis courts in the yard.
August 1943
302 POWs
November 1943
348 POWs
February 1945
Camp destroyed by air-raid. 5 POWs killed.

Liberation of 10029/GW, April/May 1945

Janet Durbin has sent this rather remarkable set of photos which appear to show the arrival of Allied forces in the Klagenfurt area in April or May of 1945. The photo showing crowds in a square was definitely taken in Klagenfurt. The statue that can be seen in the background is the Klagenfurt Lindwurm.

Lindwurm in 1945 Lindwurm in 2011 Lindwurm


Location of 10029/GW

Paul Angerer, an amateur historian living in Klagenfurt, has sent me some information concerning the actual site of Work Camp 10029/GW. His research has discovered that there was a Displaced Persons Camp on this particular site after the war and that the camp almost certainly was 10029/GW before that. The site is now the Dag Hammarskjold Housing Estate.

In June 2011, I met Paul at the location of 10029/GW and we walked around what was the boundary of the old camp. The maps and aerial photos shown below are courtesy of Paul and the Klagenfurt Magistrat, Surveying & Geoinformation Department.

Weidmannsdorf location Map of DP Camp, 1946 Aerial photo, 1954 Google map, 2011
Looking NE along Siebelhugenstrasse, old camp boundary on left. This hedge follows the Western boundary of the camp. Looking NE along Kranzmayerstrasse, old camp boundary on right. Looking into the estate about the main gate location.
  Dag Hammarskjold Estate Paul & some old guy  

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